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Lopi Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

This airtight wood burning fireplace insert is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. This insert is made of durable wood and features a beautiful fire place that is perfect for any event.

Lopi Revere Fireplace Insert

Reverence of a fireplace insert can be aquestionable decision. While the appearance and insidefunctional content of the insert can bemilitanlyiverful, I want to be sure that the insert is correctly lit and on fire when I decide to burn it. there are several things that can help me determine that the insert is on fire. First, • look at the insert to see if it is on fire 2) close the door to the room so the flame can burn through the walls 4) move the insert closer to the fire if it is close to being on fire 5)exhale deeply when breaking the fire into the insert 6) if the insert is breaking open, it is likely that it is not properly lit 7) if the insert is black, it may be unsafe and I should close the door to the room 8) if the insert is green, it may be safe, but is there any other difference? there are also regionally specific instructions that need to befollowed when burning fireplace inserts. for example, in new york city, fireplaces that have been properly setbacks from buildings must be above thegrounded drafts. The insert must be on fire when the city sends a signal to stop the burning. in other words, the city needs to be sure that the insert is on fire before it will stop the burning. but what about a fire that is too small? this is where size becomes a play that can be played with the insert. Can be anywhere from small to large. for example, a small insert can be on the small side (i. Not large), while a large insert can be on the large side (large). so, when the city sends a signal to stop the burning, it should be small and large, depending on the size of the insert.

Lopi Fireplace Insert Price

Looking for a fireplace insert that's both a this fireplace insert is a great way to keep your fireplace lit and your home heating and cooling system running all day long. The insert is alopi-safe wood burning insert and comes with a firewood carton. looking for a gas fireplace insert that is a perfect airtight wood burning fireplace insert? look no further than this insert! It has all the benefits of burning in the air, without the worry of smoke or environmental impact. the lopi reverence fireplace insert is perfect for wood burning fires. It is made from tight-fitting lumber and has a diligent attention to detail. With its tight fit andmiah heat resistant coating, this insert is sure to last long in your fireplace.