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Whalen Fireplace Insert

Introducing the loring media whaling fireplace insert – perfect for easily accommodate tv sizes from48in to 50in. With its 1400 watt power and blue light-colored finish, the whaling fireplace insert is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient and stylish fireplace insert.

Whalen Electric Fireplace Insert

The whalen electric fireplace insert is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor. This insert comes with two electric fires, so you can add it to any room in the house. The insert also has a durable construction that will last for years.

Quantum Flame Fireplace Insert

Quantum flame fireplace insert is perfect for those with large screens or tv’s up to 48 inches wide. It features a loring media fireplace insert fora high-quality, energy-efficient power supply. Plus, it can be customized to fit your tv size. the loring media whalen fireplace insert is a high-quality insert that is perfect for watching tv programs over the fireplaceinsert. Biz or with a fire. This insert has a simple design that is easy to use and is also energy-efficient. It is a great choice for any family home. It is a make or break type of product and if you are not careful about how much power your tv gets, you may end up with a lot of energy bill. The insert consists of two main parts: the first being a medium-sized hole that is perfect for a tv set and the second being a large hole that is large enough to fit a tv. The insert has a small hole for the tv stand and a large hole that is perfect for the tv. The whalen fireplace insert is perfect for those who want to save power and have high-quality lights with minimum waste. The insert features a facedown test against a hardwood floor and a digital readout system to keep you on top of your game.